Rabbit Friendly Status

Rabbit Friendly Status

Highcroft Veterinary Hospital in Whitchurch is a Gold accredited “Rabbit Friendly Practice” and our Ashton Veterinary Surgery is a Silver accredited “Rabbit Friendly Practice”, awards which are only given out to a handful of practices throughout the entire UK.

In order to be awarded with rabbit friendly status our hospital had to meet certain criteria set out by the Rabbit Welfare Association & Fund (RWAF). The accreditation also allows us to be included on the RWAF Rabbit Friendly Vet List.

Being a Rabbit Friendly Practice means we have a ‘rabbit friendly’ and safe waiting area away from other animals. This exists to make your visit to the vet as quick and stress-free as possible. We also have separate kennelling for rabbits (away from cats and dogs) that allows companions to stay together.

All members of our exotics team have further qualifications in exotic species (which includes rabbits) meaning we understand the importance of providing the correct care and information and are able to perform advanced procedures and diagnostics often required in this species when they become unwell.

To read more about rabbits and how to care for them, please see our pet advice section. We also have more information on the services we can provide your rabbit on our exotics page.